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Corporate Video Production Agency Manchester


With the mass vacancies in the job market, it's more than ever important for you to 'stand out' from the rest. A TQ video helps you to attract the best talent, show off your culture, demonstrate your who and why, and - unlike a standard worded job ad - create visual have more appeal than your competitors.


Why do I 
need it?

-Increase your retention rates

The number of immediate dropouts will

decrease because they will have a more comprehensive understanding of your organisation thanks to the video. 

-Put you ahead of your competition

Your rivals are in a sea of conformity, leaving candidates looking at job titles and flexibility. People want more than a job, and a video enables you to show your candidates how what you offer differs from your rivals.

-Promote your culture & benefits

You know what your qualities are, but with a standard job ad, candidates only have your word for it. Now, you video visually legitimises that you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk.

-Increase your appeal
Within just a few seconds, you are able to demonstrate your values, culture and principals to, that your rivals who advertise on paper aren't able to match.

-Improve your cost efficiency
Because your video enables you to narrow
down the candidates your targeting, you will
save your valuable employees time
interviewing candidates who you aren't looking for.

-Boost your recruitment productivity

Most recruiters spend endless time trawling through high volumes of CVs that yield low conversion rates, whereas refined targeting with your video means you'll only speak to the pool of candidates that you're actually looking for. 

-Attract the talent you want

You can target your ideal candidate in a more refined way, cutting through the candidates you don't want, thus saving costs, energy and resources.


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