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We enable our clients  the opportunity and freedom to express their creativity, regardless of their wealth, age, market position or background.


 Creative freedom is paramount to our work, and we encourage bold ambitions, shattering any ceiling in the way, to explore unearthed opportunities.


We do more than make videos. Our content immerses our audiences in an adventure, driven by emotion and purpose, to resonate, and tell a story.


Having drive, ambition and tenacity are fundamental attributes to our team and our ethos. Everything stems from mindset.

About TQ

Founded in 2019, when two students were randomly picked to be in the same group for a project, TQ Entertainment had an interesting start. 

It is often joked that James and Terry collided in the world and went into business together, because they're about as opposite as two people can be...


And that is what makes their dynamic work, and so well.

They see the world from different angles, have different ideas and personalities. This combination means increased creativity and productivity, and more unique content. 


Underpinned by diverse creative and commercial experience, we are well-positioned to help our clients emotionally connect to their audience, tell their story, and discover unearthed opportunities for growth.

We have a story, and so do you.

Read about our people 

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to your

A full-service Manchester video agency with one focus: driving results.

We work closely with you to integrate your content so that it becomes part of your wider objectives and supports your drive toward your goals.


We blend emotionally compelling content with appealing aesthetics, to tell your story, deeply resonate with your audience, and trigger the response you're looking for.


We do the video, and help you with the marketing, to drive game-changing results.

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